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The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) works to ensure the availability of a variety of effective, affordable, reduced-harm alternatives to smoking by increasing public awareness and education, advocating for responsible legislative and regulatory policy designed to improve public health, and to promote the benefits of reduced harm alternatives.  


Not Blowing Smoke is a nonprofit corporation formed in response to the California Department of Health’s misleading anti-vaping campaign, which to date, has spent millions dollars of taxpayer money. The organization was founded in March 2015 by Stefan Didak, a nationally recognized consumer advocate for vapor products with assistance from Jason Downing and currently is operated by a board of directors that include Deanna Thompson, Shelly Morrow, and Amber Meyer. Not Blowing Smoke is dedicated to providing the public and government officials with the truth about vaping and operates completely independent of industry influence.



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FDA Legal Counsel services are extended to SFATA members at a discount through Azim Chowdhury at Keller & Heckman, LLP in Washington, DC. Click the button to learn more and to find Azim's direct contact information.  More

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Sarkis Kaladzhyan offers SFATA members a discount on business insurance through Calco Commercial Insurance. He has been catering to the vapor products industry for years and understands your special business needs well.  Click here to visit his site.  More

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Responsible retailing of age-restricted products, such as e-cigarettes and vapor products, is an important part of your business. But, keeping up with the changing compliance required by FDA regulations and state laws is a daily task that is too important for busy retailers to leave to chance.

We Card’s in-store signage, age calculation tools, training materials, and "secret shopper" services help equip your store’s employees to handle a variety situations while communicating your store’s commitment to your community.