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Science says FUN is key to a healthy balanced life.
 You need to escape, do something totally not work related and recharge your energy and creativity.  You will be better at everything you do!  #ScienceSaysSoMustBeTrue 

Honesty, you deserve a little break to blow off some steam and rekindle friendships in the industry. We have pulled together some MIND BLOWING options for you to choose from on your last day.  They vary in price and physical involvement.  Check out these options and book directly where reservations are required.

Arizona is a top tourist destination 
because there is so much to do and see!  You may be surprised by what you find in the highly-varied geography across the state with deserts, mountains, and lakes to please even the most discriminating traveler. 

Check out this extensive list on TripAdvisor and find the perfect way to blow off some steam while in the state!  

Your recharge, your choice:

Warning: There is a monster at the end of this page!

1. Sporting Clays Tournament (all experience levels welcome):

November 1 at 1:00 PM

If miniature golf and hunting had a love child, this is it.  Enjoy your boxed lunch and then head on out to the Quail Course for a certified-coach led day with shotguns and little clay orange pucks or “birds” which you will try to hit from various positions on the course. No pressure or stress, just a bunch of fun.  This is literally going to start right outside the doors of our meeting space and THERE WILL BE PRIZES! 

$150 covers your instruction, shotgun loaner, ammunition, certified safety rangers, a coach, ear protection and eye protection… and of course, your score card. Basically, register today and show up sober. That’s it.  If you don’t think this is a “blast” you should check yourself for a pulse!

Click HERE to register.  Space is limited in order to keep a safe ration of instructors to shooters.  


2. Pink Jeep Tours: Sedona or Grand Canyon

- 10% off with SFATA coupon code.

You will see things on your wild desert tour (in a bright pink jeep… yes, that isn’t just a fun name for the tour operator’s company) which you didn’t know even existed on earth. And, you may sometimes suspect you are on the moon!  But, you will definitely laugh and remember this as one of your favorite recreational activities that you initially thought sounded lame.  We have all been there!  Come find out why the desert jeep tours are one of the most recommended activities for tourists.  Also, this particular vendor is known for funny tour guides that keep you laughing while you are in awe of the desert’s beauty.  You must make your reservation using this code:  in order to enjoy the SFATA conference discount. Remember to take lots of pictures and send them in to us at  You might be a star of an upcoming post!


3. World-Class Five-Star shooting range right outside your door. 

Are you a shooting sports enthusiast? Well, then, come on!  (you can rent all you need for the clay range use right on site.  No need to travel with a firearm unless you are really attached to yours).  

Ben Avery Shooting Range is a 5-Start range and a Phoenix Point of Pride landmark.  The largest publicly owned shooting range in the country, Ben Avery boasts over 1600 acres of ranges for any type of firearm you can imagine! Long range rifle?  Sure.  Pistols?  Of course.  Trap, skeet, double trap, Sporting clays?  Yep. Three courses, actually! They even have a full section dedicated to archery! Check out the Arizona Department of Game and Fish’s website for Ben Avery range information and so much more this amazing state has to offer!


4.  Hot air balloon rides – You know you have always wanted to do this!

Our venue and the surrounding hotels you all will be staying in are actually squarely in the middle of a very popular area in the state for hot air balloon enthusiasts.  And, our 360+ days of year of sunshine make it nearly always a beautiful day floating above the surrounding mountain ranges and rock formations.  If you propose in the air above our conference, we want video!

Many locals are happy with this vendor and they book up fast.  Call TODAY to get your space reserved for this popular activity!

5.  Wild West Trail Ride

So, you know how our industry has been called the “wild west” and they don’t mean it in a good way?  Well, why not get out and see why that is possibly the greatest compliment to an American.  The wild west is pristine and, well, wild!  Untainted by bad development ideas and politicians acting badly, this is just the desert the way it was created.  Throw your leg over the back of a majestic horse and ride the trails that you thought Hollywood built on set.  The west is real.  It is awesome.  And, it is SOOOO close to our venue in its truest form.  Don’t miss this opportunity!

Here is a link to some of the more popular local favorites:

- Sunset Camp ride

- Private guided tour

6. Anthem Outlets Shopping

You thought the desert was wild?  You should see the locals go nuts for the fantastic prices on favorite brands all nestled just two exits on the interstate from our meeting venue.  Seriously, for those who are more in the mood for a little shopping retail, this is a wonderful (and nearby) option that draws in people from all over the Phoenix metro area.  Lots of great stores are there, like BCBG, Calvin Klein, Ann Taylor, Levi’s, Banana Republic, Nike… Click here to see the full list.  There is a food court on site, but several local restaurants in Anthem you may want to try.  BBQ is yummy, Dara Thai is fantastic, Legends is a sports bar with great food and friendly service.  

7. Musical Instrument Museum “MIM”

#1 Trip Advisor rated attraction in Phoenix and in top 20 museums in the world, “MIM provides a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors of all ages with more than 6,500 instruments on display from around the world.” Locals say it is a must-see museum, good for the whole family, and even those not musically inclined will enjoy it.  Read all about it at:


8. Climb Camelback Mountain

Locals consider this the must-do climb.  If you make it to the top, the view is breathtaking!  Some hike this daily as their “gym” but many just conquer it once and talk about it ever after.  This is not an “easy” hike, but it does not require any special equipment besides carrying water and good shoes (athletic shoes are fine, but you will need some “tread” to avoid slipping).  Pamela has climbed it multiple times in her younger years, but suggests it would be worth doing even if you can only make it part way if you aren’t in younger-years fitness levels.

Here is a link to learn more about how to get there, park, etc.


9. Hike beautiful scenery – trails for all levels of fitness.

Ranked as one of the best hiking cities in America by National Geographic, Phoenix is a mecca of hiking and exploring of all types.  Many of the most picturesque trails are close to our event and hotels.  There are 180 miles of trails in Phoenix alone!  Here is a link to read about some of them:

But, since we are perched on the edge of City of Phoenix, you may find you prefer to hike in the unincorporated areas around us which are part of the Maricopa County trail system. Follow this link to the Maricopa Parks and Recreation site for details on trails and maps, etc.

Pamela recommends the Thunderbird Park trail as it is a great trail, relatively close to our hotels, and can be done in around an hour.  Not as mighty as the Camelback Mountain climb, but the views are great from the top, it is a good workout, the trail is well marked, and there is plenty of free parking.

10. Golf

At one time, the Phoenix area was said to have the highest number of golf courses (per capita) than anywhere in the world.  We don’t know if that is true.  But, if you are a golf lover (or would love to learn), there are MANY courses to choose from in the area. You might also like to go a little further out to play on some of the wonderful courses you see on TV!  

Here is a link to a site that gives you the rundown on all things golf in the area:


Warning: Zombies ahead!


Special Pre-Event -  Halloween Zombie Hunt!

****SFATA FUNdraiser!***

No prior experience with firearms is necessary;
 all skill levels are welcome!

The ASRPA Great Zombie Hunt is being hosted by the Education and Training Division of the Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association at the NSSF 5-Star rated Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix on Tuesday, October 31st.  Begins promptly at 4:00 pm.

Check out this pre-conference private fundraiser event being provided by ASRPA! It is open to SFATA conference attendees and their guests.  Area vape consumers welcome!

Safety is everyone's #1 priority, and to insure a safe and enjoyable experience ASRPA will provide NRA Certified Range Safety Officers to assist and instruct you as necessary. 

Space is limited in order to assure ASRPA has proper shooter/SRO ratios throughout the event!
So, BOOK NOW if you are interested

The $125/pp price includes the following:
-instruction and assistance by NRA Certified Range Safety Officers
-use of firearms
-eye and hearing protection
-range fees

There are very few but non-negotiable rules of this "hunt" 

1. To obtain your required Zombie Hunt License (click to see sample) for the afternoon hunt, you must attend the ASRPA orientation course and sign a disclaimer. This course will explain our first and foremost goal of a safe hunt for everyone. You will learn about safe handling of firearms, range commands, some history of each firearm you will use in the hunt, the range layout and your specific hunting spots, and other pertinent information which will lend to your and others safety and ability to have fun.

2. You must work closely with your Zombie Spotter/Range Safety Officer and follow their advice to the letter.

3. You must wear eye and ear protection, which will be furnished, and have their Zombie Hunting License/Safety Rules, also furnished, with them while on the range.

4. Be pre-registered and have your event fee paid by October 21st, 2017.

5. No alcohol or other intoxicant use prior or during event. No exceptions! *

*Your money will NOT be refunded if you ignore this rule and we ask you to leave because we suspect you have been imbibing on anything (yes, even "just a beer" is a problem here).   We all want a safe event and we will not mess around with this one. 

6. Adults only.

Click to Register with ASRPA

READ this first! Important! View complete RULES before registering.

at the Ben Avery Small Bore Range and Activity Center
35170 W Black Canyon Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85086

Contact ASRPA to register. or click here to be taken directly to the registration page.

*This is an independently operated event, with proceeds benefitting SFATA.  The location is co-located on the Ben Avery Shooting Range grounds, but at the opposite end of the 1600 acre Ben Avery facility (at the Activity Center and Small Bore Range). 

DIRECTIONS TO THE ACTIVITY CENTER: I-17 to Carefree Highway, west to the first right into Ben Avery Shooting Facility. Follow this entrance road north. As this entrance road turns to the west, you find the Activity Center and parking lot entrance on the right. Map here: Google Map

Join us afterward for :

Après Hunt and Pre-Conference Social

8:00 - 11:00 pm
Azool Grill (located in the Tramonto Marketplace)

3134 W Carefree Hwy # 3
Phoenix, AZ 85086
No-Host bar, food, darts, pool, and more!