2016 SFATA Conference FDA Product Registration Workshop


On this page, SFATA members will find videos, tools, and helpful “tricks” to help complete the FDA Product Registration that is required of all U.S. manufacturers by December 31, 2016.

Compliments of the SFATA Volunteer FDA Product Registration Team

  • Amy McCann Baddi, VA Vape Shop, VA SFATA Chapter Leader
  • April Meyers, Northeast Vapor Supplies, LLC, SFATA Board of Directors, CT SFATA Chapter leader
  • Sherwin Mena, Trinity Vapor Lounge, NC SFATA Chapter Leader
  • Jeff Weber, The Vaping Tiger, SFATA Member

Many thanks to the volunteer members of the SFATA Registration team who compiled this information and created these videos. If you are experienced in the FURLS system, and/or have some tip or tricks that will benefit our membership, please let us know. We are all in this together!

Help on Advertising Information Submission.


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