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Only SFATA is dedicated to the continued growth and the expansion of the vapor products industry; free of agenda or bias. We promote the interests of the entire industry; online retailers, brick and mortar vendors, distributors, importers, wholesalers and consumers alike, working on common goals for the benefit of all.

Membership is open to the various stakeholders within the vapor products industry including manufacturers (domestic and foreign), importers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. Membership is also available to trade, tobacco and service organizations as well as to academics.

National SFATA members are entitled to enjoy additional benefits that come from participation in various local chapters. Local chapters make it easy for members to meet, collaborate and advocate locally under the national umbrella that is SFATA. Click here for a list of areas with SFATA Chapters or for more information email info@sfata.org.

Membership Benefits include:


We believe that before the FDA is allowed to expand its Tobacco Act jurisdiction to vaporizing products like e-cigs, the agency should be required to demonstrate that it has a credible scientific basis for concluding that whatever the health and safety risks they perceive e-cigarettes to have are comparable to the well-known and thoroughly documented health and safety risks of tobacco smoking.

For this reason, SFATA engages highly respected lobbyists to ensure the interests and concerns of the electronic cigarette industry are heard and addressed.


SFATA firmly believes a proactive approach is imperative for industry representatives to actively participate in a dialogue with the public, local communities and the FDA. SFATA provides tools to mobilize your customer base at the grass roots level; helping promote education and bolster industry support.

We interact with regulatory agencies to try to mitigate over-regulation brought on by lack of education. We provide alerts to state and local bans and legislative challenges in order to influence intelligent decisions and partner with consumer groups and other allies whenever possible.

How does it work?

SFATA meets its legislative, regulatory and campaign goals through membership dues and donations. Dues are based on self-reported annual revenues and are paid yearly.


• Members are entitled to attend all SFATA events and conferences
• Invitations to member only events
• Exclusive member-only content
• Discounted rates to SFATA events and conferences
• Logos displayed on the SFATA member page
• Monthly newsletter
• Daily newsfeed
• Inclusion in the SFATA directory of companies
• Opportunity to serve on SFATA committees
• Discounted insurance through Calco Commercial Insurance

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*Only annual memberships are sold. However, there is an optional payment installment plan which incurs an additional 3% processing fee on monthly installment payments.
*Foreign Manufacturers paying dues of $50K or more are full voting members.


SFATA reserves the right to determine membership approval and to revoke membership status at any time.