E-cigarette Traveling Tips

Whether you are a regular traveler or are gearing up to go on a once in a lifetime trip that requires air travel, it is important that you carry and use your e-cigarette devices properly and with respect.

As reported on the official TSA blog, currently you can travel by air with all of your e-cigarette batteries, e-liquid, cartomizers and accessories. Most e-cigarette advocates can testify that traveling with an e-cigarette via car, plane or train isn’t a big deal. Using e-cigarettes in airports or on planes however is where the debate is. Since e-cigarettes have become mainstream, many airline carriers have implemented their own vaping policies. SFATA recommends you respect policies and regulations as dictated by the airline; international airlines appear to be more flexible with regards to use in-flight. If you do use your e-cig on a plane, do so discretely.  Too much vapor can set off the smoke detector alarms on a plane, so always be cautious. Attempt to vape near designated (tobacco) smoking areas, and if you can’t, be mindful and respectful of others who are not aware of e-cigarettes as an adult alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Tips for traveling with your e-cigarettes:

– Only 3.4 ounce bottles of any liquid or gel are allowed in carry-on baggage. Larger e-liquid bottles must be put into your checked baggage.

– Isolate all of your carry-on liquid when passing through the security checkpoint at any airport to expedite the process. This will help TSA officials clearly see all items and liquid.

– Carry an envelope or mailing package that your e-cigarette and e-liquid will fit into. In a worst-case scenario where TSA agents will not allow you to board the plane with your e-cigarette or e-liquid, mail your e-cigarette products to your final destination.

– Bring enough batteries, carts and e-liquid to last your entire traveling trip so you don’t run out.

– Store all e-cigarette parts and e-liquid separately. Use zip lock bags as an affordable and reliable carrying alternative.


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