SB 648 Update: Small Victory for the Electronic Cigarette Industry

SFATA california sb 646 ecig bill

California’s latest efforts to ban or severely limit electronic cigarette sales and usage, a bill titled SB 648, was expected to be voted on during a hearing last week.  After e-cig advocates protested the bill, the issue was never heard and the soonest it can be heard about again is 2014. Although the battle is not over, this is one small victory for e-cigarette advocates in California.

California e-cigarette vendors, manufacturers and retail shops can spend the rest of the year focusing on business rather than worrying about unreasonable new anti-electronic cigarette laws being implemented. California residents who support the sale and usage of e-cigarettes are still advised to remain vigilant as smaller battles continue to be waged throughout California and the country. Supporters are always free to contact their California State Assembly representative to express their support of the products.   “We encourage all SFATA members, electronic cigarette companies and e-cig users who live in California to be alert and informed abut what is happening around them“ said Cynthia Cabrera, Executive Director of “Constituents and business owners should always be prepared to act whenever access to and innovation of e-cigs is threatened”

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