Contact Elected Officials to Show Your Support for the E-Cigarette Industry!

The first-ever Washington D.C. Fly-In Event on Capitol Hill is just a month away! SFATA members are gearing up for this event and are eager to meet face-to-face with the nations top lawmakers on November 4th and 5th. SFATA members primary goal for this event is to meet with various elected officials to discuss the electronic industries unique legislative needs. SFATA is attending this monumental event on behalf of all e-cigarette business owners in an effort to fight for fair regulation, with the hopes that the industry will receive sensible regulation from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) without stalling innovation and economical growth.

Now through November 5th, we urge all e-cigarette business owners and advocates to support SFATA members participating in the Fly-In by supporting each individual e-cigarette business in their home states.

To make this process easy, we have compiled a contact list of all the respected congressmen and women who represent some of SFATA’s top e-cigarette businesses.

If you live in one of the states being represented during the Fly-In, you can help Clear The Haze by calling, emailing and even posting on each representative’s social media profiles all week! Tell these congressmen and women directly how much you support the e-cigarette industry.

If you don’t live the in the state being represented, you can call, Facebook and tweet all elected officials regardless of your geographic location.

Please review the list below and reach out to each representative every day from now until November 5th!


Illinois’ 18th District Congressman: Aaron Schock (R)

Aaron Schock’s Official Website

Phone: 202.225.6201


Office Address: 328 Cannon House Office Building

Aaron Schock’s Official Facebook Page

Aaron Schock’s Official Twitter Page 


Kansas’ 3rd District Congressman: Kevin Yoder (R)

Kevin Yoder’s Official Website

Phone: 202.225.2865


Office Address: 215 Cannon House Office Building

Kevin Yoder’s Official Facebook Page

Kevin Yoder’s Official Twitter Page


California 49th District Congressman: Darrell Issa (R)

Darrell Issa’s Official Website

Phone: 202.225.3906


Office Address: 2347 Rayburn House Office Building

Darrell Issa’s Official Facebook Page

Darrell Issa’s Official Twitter Page


Florida’s 24th District Congresswoman: Frederica Wilson (D)

Frederica Wilson’s Official Website

Phone: 202.225.4506


Office Address: 208 Cannon House Office Building

Frederica Wilson’s Official Facebook Page

Frederica Wilson’s Official Twitter Page


California’s 5th District Congressman: Mike Thompson (D)

Mike Thompson’s Official Website

Phone: 202.2253311


Office Address: 231 Cannon House Office Building

Mike Thompson’s Official Facebook Page

Mike Thompson’s Official Twitter Page


California’s 38th District Congresswoman: Linda Sánchez (D)

Linda Sanchez’s Official Website

Phone: 202.225.6676


Office Address: 2423 Rayburn House Office Building

Linda Sanchez’s Official Facebook Fan Page

Linda Sanchez’s Official Twitter Page


New York’s 5th District Congressman: Gregory Meeks (D)

Gregory Meeks Official Website

Phone: 202.225.3461


Office Address: 2234 Rayburn House Office Building

Gregory Meeks Official Facebook Page

Gregory Meeks Official Twitter Page


Connecticut’s 4th District Congressman: James Himes (D)

James Himes’ Official Website

Phone: 202.225.5541


Office Address: 119 Cannon House Office Building

James Himes’ Official Facebook Page

James Himes Official Twitter Page


Oklahoma’s 1st District Congressman: Jim Bridenstine (R)

Jim Bridenstine’s Official website

Phone: 202.225.2211


Office Address: 216 Cannon House Office Building

Jim Bridenstine’s Official Facebook Page

Jim Bridenstine’s Official Twitter Page


San Fernando Valley, CA Congressman: Brad Sherman (D)

Brad Sherman’s Official Website

Phone: 202.225.5911


Office Address: 2242 Rayburn House Office Building

Brad Sherman’s Official Facebook Page

Brad Sherman’s Official Twitter Page


Hawaii’s 1st District Congresswoman: Colleen Hanabusa (D)

Colleen Hanabusa’s Official website

Phone: 202.225.2726


Office Address: 238 Cannon House Office Building

Colleen Hanabusa’s Official Facebook Page

Colleen Hanabusa’s Official Twitter Page


California’s 13th District Congresswoman: Barbara Lee (D)

Barbara Lee’s Official Website

Phone: 202.225.2661


Office Address: 2267 Rayburn House Office Building

Barbara Lee’s Official Facebook Page

Barbara Lee’s Official Twitter Page


California’s 46th District Congresswoman: Loretta Sanchez (D)

Loretta Sanchez’s Official Website

Phone: 202.225.2965


Office Address: 1114 Longworth House Office Building

Loretta Sanchez’s Official Facebook Page

Loretta Sanchez’s Official Twitter Page


Tennessee’s 6th District Congresswoman: Diane Black (R)

Diane Black’s Official Website

Phone: 202.225.4231


Office Address: 1531 Longworth House Office Building

Diane Black’s Official Facebook Page

Diane Black’s Official Twitter Page 


Minnesota’s 5th District Congressman: Keith Ellison (D)

Keith Ellison’s Official Website

Phone: 202.225.4755 & 612.522.1212


Office Address: 2244 Rayburn House Office Building

Keith Ellison’s Official Facebook Page

Keith Ellison’s Official Twitter Page 


Kentucky’s 3rd District Congressman: John Yarmuth (D)

John Yarmuth’s Official Website

Phone: 202.225.5401


Office Address: 403 Cannon House Office Building

John Yarmuth’s Official Facebook Page

John Yarmuth’s Official Twitter Page


Make sure to follow SFATA on Twitter and “Like” the Official SFATA Facebook Fan Page for daily updates and news regarding the electronic cigarette industry.

Clear the Haze About E-Cigarettes & Help SFATA Educate Elected Officials

The e-cigarette industry, including business owners and consumers are constantly required to combat misinformation and flawed data; resulting in grave concerns about the future of this innovative technology.

As SFATA prepares for the first-ever Fly-In Event in Washington D.C. on November 4th & 5th, the time has come to Clear The Haze and dispel popular myths regarding electronic cigarettes and the personal vapor device industry. As a part of the Clear The Haze initiative, SFATA is encouraging e-cigarette advocates to voice their support for electronic cigarettes to their respected state and local elected officials.

Starting now, it is up to e-cigarette stakeholders to let their voices be heard! Take a stand and tell your state and local government officials how electronic cigarettes have become a reliable adult alternative for you or a loved one by calling, emailing and messaging them via Twitter and Facebook.

We encourage you to provide additional support to the companies participating in the fly-in and make sure Capital Hill knows they are coming; voice your concerns and ‘Clear the Haze’ on a daily basis from now until November 5th.

We are fighting for fair and reasonable e-cigarette legislation but that will only happen if e-cig stakeholders band together and take action. It is the Smoke Free Alternative Trade Associations (SFATA’s) mission to provide and promote the truth about e-cigarettes and the industry as a whole. It is also SFATA’s priority to fight on behalf of the e-cigarette industry for common sense legislation. Currently unregulated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the e-cigarette industry has been facing a recent onslaught of regulation pressure from big tobacco and other anti-electronic cigarette lobbyists and groups.

By using every form of communication available, together we can spark a real and honest conversation about electronic cigarettes and the industries needs. This is your opportunity to single-handedly save the electronic cigarette industry from potentially being unfairly regulated in the United States. It is important for you to know that we are fighting a huge fight, so your support, no matter how small, is essential to the success of this movement.

If you love your flavored e-cigarettes or run a successful e-liquid or e-cigarette business in the United States, you should know that big tobacco companies have recently asked the FDA to regulate flavors in the e-cigarette industry as it does with tobacco cigarettes. Even worse, the FDA is receiving immense pressure from anti-electronic cigarette groups to implement regulations by the end of this year.

With roughly a month left to fight this huge battle, SFATA will be launching a series of facts and talking points via email and social media over the next few weeks. In return, we encourage all e-cigarette advocates to share and promote this content in any way possible.

It is also important to educate elected officials about e-cigarette fundamentals. For example, there is a difference between “tobacco products” (i.e., a “product made or derived from tobacco”) and electronic cigarettes (an electronic product that produces nicotine food-flavoring vapor). The principal components of an e-cigarette consist of non-tobacco manufactured parts, so it only makes sense that the FDA regulates e-cigarettes on their own and not in conjunction with tobacco products.

Overall, SFATA wants consumers and business owners to do their part to inform themselves and elected officials on the truth about e-cigs and the overall industry. The clock is ticking and we only have until November 5th to speak on behalf of the electronic cigarette industry, so make sure to follow SFATA on Twitter and “Like” the Official SFATA Facebook Fan Page for daily facts, tips and specific call-to-actions!