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SFATA membership is open to all facets of the vapor industry, including service providers, which offers a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate that you have taken a stance against government overreach and over regulation. All members must agree to abide by our 
Code of Conduct, creating a networking opportunity for companies seeking other reputable businesses.

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SFATA’s Responsible Industry Network (RIN) was created to provide a market surveillance pathway through data, training, accountability, and corrective measures for vapor manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, as well as a method for law enforcement and regulatory authorities to ensure that significantly fewer vapor products end up in youth hands.

All participants in RIN are committed to buying and selling products purchased from others participating in the program, ensuring a closed-loop supply chain.

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SFATA is a national trade association of businesses that work in, or in service of, the vapor products industry. Our members represent the utmost excellence found in the American vapor marketplace and must agree to uphold SFATA Principles as a condition of membership.

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SFATA knows you don't bring anecdotes to a data fight and is working to turn the table on legislators and public health officials hiding behind youth to ban flavors.  The Why We Vape testimonial collection website is our best defense against the running youth narrative - demonstrating that the mature, voting men and women of America need flavors. Tell your story TODAY.