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Description of Benefits



General Newsletters
The biggest news and coverage of industry activities.
Member-Only Insider Updates
Executive Director and Board President will communicate directly with members via email on important information that is exclusive as a privilege of membership.
 Use of SFATA Member Seal
All members of SFATA can proudly display our logo on their website and at their places of business to let your customers know that you are actively engaged in supporting the survival of this industry and are operating as a responsible company in the marketplace. If your company has chosen to invest at a higher level in SFATA's efforts to save this industry, you will be given a special emblem that you can use to make sure all potential customers know of your premium level commitment to their cause. Our basic member seal can be downloaded in the Member Resources tab of the website. Log in is required.Click HERE to get your Member Seal. 
 Voting Rights for SFATA Board & Other Elections
SFATA board elections take place every year. Our members all have a say in who will be steering the mission and directing their membership dues dollars in these annual elections. On occasion, other items/issues may come up for member participation voting
 Federal Update Newsletter
SFATA's federal lobbyist is in the trenches representing members with elected officials, their staff, and various agencies that regulate our industry. This is a direct report via email on what he is seeing and hearing on the front lines and what members can do in order to help create a healthier regulatory environment for their businesses.
 Other Updates From Federal Lobbyist
When there are matters of extreme importance that require action, our lobbyist will reach out to members outside of the Newsletter.
 Invitation to D.C. "Fly-In"
One of our most popular member activities! We will train you, set up your appointments with your elected officials in Washington, D.C., and then help coordinate and guide you as you engage in the most sacred of American political tradition; exercising your right to petition your government for proper treatment of your business. We will help very step of the way!
 Calco Insurance Discount
Since 2008, Calco Commercial Insurance has been the vapor industry’s go-to broker for insurance coverage. Insurance is available in all 50-States and Washington D.C. and is available for a wide range of business needs. For more information on receiving your SFATA member discount, please visit our Vape Insurance page.  
 Member Pricing On Event Registration
As a member of SFATA, you receive special discount pricing anywhere we open participation to non-members. In many cases, there will be additional discounts offered for premium level members.
 NATO Intelligence Reports
SFATA's membership with NATO means our members also have access to the top-notch work that the NATO team is doing at the city and county level around the country. This information can be found in the Member Resources section of our website after logging in.
 WeCard Member Promotions (when available)
Throughout the year, We Card offers SFATA members special discounts and promotions. Promotions are sent out to members when they become available. There is almost always a discount available so if you missed an announcement or would like to know what the current member rates are, please contact
 Member-Only Event Access
Some training sessions, seminars, special speakers and webinars will be exclusive to SFATA members only.
 Participation in SFATA Committees and Volunteer Opportunities
These opportunities are only available to members of our association and are posted to the Volunteer Opportunities page on our website. We encourage member participation. This is YOUR SFATA.
 Discount on Initial Legal Consult with Keller & Heckman**
Azim Chowdhury of Keller & Heckman, LLC has been at the forefront of the vapor industry’s federal legal issues for many years and is probably the most recognized name in this space. All SFATA members will receive a waiver on their initial retainer and 5% off their first billing.
 Member-Only Content Access on Website
Several resources are held in reserve for our members, whose annual dues make it all possible.
 Vapor Business and FDA Discussion Forum Access
SFATA provides a safe place to network and learn with other members and industry experts. These function as bulletin boards where you can upload and download files, post topics, comment on previously posted topics, and easily research old threads to locate the information you need. Discussion Forums are located in the Member Resources Tab and are only accessible when logged in.
 Enhanced Advocacy Training
Move beyond the "click here and send" engagement and learn how to really impact your government from SFATA experts who work professionally in this role.
 Optional Installment Payment Plan (Convenience Fee applies)
With signed installment payment agreement and credit card on file, members can spread their annual membership (plus convenience fee) over 12 months with this popular payment plan.
 WeCard - Training for Retail Staff - 25% Discount*
Getting your retail staff properly trained is a responsible business practice and will help reduce problems with government enforcement costs. But, did you know that in some cases, having sent all of your retail staff for training could help you get fines reduced if an employee slips up? The fines are steep and the cost of the WeCard online training class is low. SFATA recommends all members send their staff through WeCard training courses. Get your SFATA Member Discount Code HERE
 Avis & Hertz Business Rate Code
SFATA has negotiated business rates for you with these two popular rental companies. You can grab your SFATA Member Discount Codes HERE. You must be logged in to obtain your codes
 Token Works Age Verification Software Discount
SFATA has negotiated a $50.00 discount on any product in the Token Works Age Verification Line Up. Token Works is so devoted to SFATA's mission, that it will match the $50.00 discount you receive as a donation to SFATA. By purchasing a product from this vendor, not only do you make age verification simple while saving you money, but you also help to support SFATA's mission with the Token Works discount match! Learn more about the Token Works product offerings and get your SFATA Member Discount Code HERE.
 Isolocity - QMS Software - Free Implementation Package
Isolocity is the leading QMS software provider for the North American vapor industry. The software is a paperless, all-in-one solution to vapor compliance. They specialize in helping vapor product manufacturers achieve ISO 9001, GMP, and HACCP certifications. They are offering a free implementation package for members. Their team of compliance experts will help to train and guide your employees through every step of certification. Email to claim.
 Ability to Purchase “A La Carte” Benefits**
Want just one or two of the benefits of our higher tiers? Looking for specialized training and found others willing to pool resources? Some of these enhanced benefits can be offered for an additional charge.
 Sponsorship Opportunity - Federal Update Email Blast*
With this sponsorship opportunity, you help us fund our federal lobbyist and we will thank you with an acknowledgement in a Federal Update email to all SFATA members. It is a great way to demonstrate your support for all SFATA is doing to save this industry and get your brand recognized as a leader in this effort. Our Federal Update emails have a very high "open rate." SFATA members list the newsletter among their highest value benefits of membership when surveyed. Interested in this sponsorship? Click HERE! 
 NFIB Membership Discount** The National Federation of Independent Businesses is the leading Small Business Association in the U.S. Through this layered membership, you will gain access to a whole world of additional benefits designed just for American small business owners. You become a part of 325,000 like-minded small business owners who are also on a mission to fight for the right to own, operate, and grow their businesses. The extra lobbying power and the impression you make on lawmakers is elevated when you combine your SFATA and NFIB memberships. NFIB's advocacy reach is in Washington DC and in every state capital! While they may not be specifically fighting for vapor products, they are well-aligned with many of the issues that plague our industry today. And, their policy positions are shaped by the members themselves. Just imagine if we could ultimately bring our issues into bright focus with their lobbying power by significantly adding to their numbers with vapor businesses! Read more about this fantastic new benefit at Get your SFATA Member Discount Code HERE.
Named Sponsorship Opportunities (Webinars, Lunches, Receptions, Fly-In, Annual Conference, etc.)  Show our member companies that you are heavily invested in this organization, and the industry's survival, by sponsoring events and activities. We will be sure to give your company’s brand the high profile acknowledgement you deserve. Announcements, printed agendas, table tents, banners, and other options exist. Talk to us about getting your brand in front of potential clients at our Annual Meeting.
 Briefing on Court Cases by SFATA’s FDA Legal Counsel There is a lot going on in the Judicial branch that isn’t always easily understood or covered by the press. Azim Chowdhury will provide a quarterly update to keep subscribers in the know on various cases going on around the country.
 North Guide State License Compliance Discount North Guide Solutions  is a SFATA partner company and offers our members $50.00 off per state licensing fee.  This has a potential to rack up savings if you need licensing in multiple states.  For more information on North Guide, visit their website at
 Expo Booth Discount At SFATA Sponsored/Partnership Events If SFATA sells booth space at a future expo, we will extend an offer for premium level members to participate and enjoy a deeper discount!
Personalized Expert FDA Legal Advice (provided by Azim Chowdhury with Signed Letter of Agreement) Azim Chowdhury of Keller and Heckman, LLP in Washington, DC, has been the leading legal voice on vapor issues since the early days of the industry. In fact, Azim represents many of the industry's top players, including SFATA. We are now bringing this expertise to our members with a special discount for all. And, for premium level members, we will even pay for a portion of members' hourly billing. While SFATA can pass on some general guidance, nothing replaces true legal counsel for any company in any industry. This is particularly true in an industry like vapor, where the laws and rules seem to always be changing! You really do need to be able to get solid legal advice on which to base your own unique business decisions. So, when you hear, "Seek your own legal counsel," you will be confident knowing that you have access to the best. Azim is ready and anxious to work with you as a SFATA member! (Individual Letters of Agreement will be required to protect the client-attorney relationship).
 Speaking Opportunities at SFATA Events Demonstrate your professionalism, knowledge, and dedication to excellence by giving a lecture, speaking at events, sitting on expert panels, teaching a workshop, etc. You know that other SFATA members are your potential clients. This is your chance to blow them away and earn their respect for future business opportunities. Contact us HERE with your interest.  
 Invitations to Exclusive, Private Receptions Our top supporters will receive invitation-only access to exclusive receptions as a thank you for their deep support of our mission as well as to ensure that their voices are heard. 
 Conference - Free Registrations Premium memberships include a defined number of free conference registrations for employees of the member company. We want to see your companies have a solid presence at conference!  Contact when booking begins for our Annual Meeting. 
 Private Consultation with SFATA Grassroots Engagement Advisor, Greg Conley Greg wants to see SFATA member companies not just survive, but thrive. In addition to his advocacy work, he provides one-on-one help to companies across the country. He will provide one-hour of consultation for FREE. ($400 value)
 Business Round Table Discussion Quarterly Meeting Participation This exclusive group of SFATA member company owners will meet quarterly to discuss industry issues and trends.  They will provide valuable input to SFATA's Executive Director.  At least one Board Director will also attend to make sure that your interests are heard and represented.  
 North Guide Complimentary Facility Audit** North Guide Solutions offers a free initial audit of your facilities.  Please note:  If you are located more than 4 hours from North Guide's headquarter office, you will need  to pay for travel expenses. This is a great value for companies looking to come into GMP compliance.  Please contact North Guide directly for this benefit.   
 Business Advisory Council Seat This elite group of SFATA member company owners will provide valuable input to board discussions and decisions. As companies who are most invested in the organization, they will be able to help the Executive Director stay aware of early indicators in the marketplace and inform SFATA officers' initiatives for the good of the industry. Business Advisory Council members will also be recognized in various SFATA communications and will be identified as such at conferences and other organization-wide meetings they may attend.
 Direct Access to Federal Lobbyist (Outside of Organization-Wide Events) Outside of official events and projects, you will have your own direct access to our federal lobbyist for help with activities where you would like to have his input or even his participation, when possible.
 One Promotion Opportunity to SFATA Members via Email Per Calendar Year

As a "thank you" to our financially sustaining members who support this organization at a level that permits us to provide excellent services to all of our members, we will email out information on your business or a special promotion you may be offering to other member companies. This is a limited offering only, as we will not ever overwhelm our members with marketing.

 Lobbyist Training Service 

If you desire to have lobbyist representation exclusively for your company, you will need a seasoned government affairs professional on staff to train your new contract lobbyist and keep them informed on the issues that emerge to potentially cripple your profitability. We retain the services of professionals who have managed lobbyists in multiple states for this industry. They will help you find a qualified lobbyist, train your lobbyist, and equip lobbyist with materials to assure they are ready to represent you well in your state capitol or in Washington, DC. If you desire ongoing services to help manage other aspects of your lobbyist's work or engagement, please contact our Executive Director for pricing and options available.

 Potential Opportunity for SFATA Board Seat Appointment*

When a vacancy exists on the SFATA Board of Directors, the by-laws provide an option for the Board to appoint an individual to fill that seat. In these situations, the board will give Cloak Room members a first-option invitation to apply for this position.

 * When Available                                    **Certain restrictions apply
 Email for more details or with any questions. 

  You may also call 202-251-1661.