BRMS Logo 12.14.15Best Rate Merchant Service has been proudly servicing the Vape industry since 2008.

It is essential that a Vape industry business owner works with a payment processor that understands their business.

Best Rate works with merchants to gain a full understanding of what the business model entails; including,

  • Targeted audience: Business to Business, Ecommerce, Retail environment
  • Transaction size & anticipated volume growth
  • The need for international card acceptance

Ecommerce: Integration with any shopping cart/gateway. Or use Best Rate Gateway that supports a multitude of fraud prevention & billing functions.

Retail: Point of Sale Systems, EMV compliance, Mobile card readers

With Best Rate Merchant Service, clients will receive:

  • Quick & easy application process
  • Dedicated Account Representative
  • In house customer service and technical support
  • Zero reserves
  • Zero cap on processing volume
  • Fast Funding (next day)
  • Cash On Demand & Inventory Financing
  • A Continuous Best Rate Guaranty!

Best Rate has earned a valued reputation in the Vape industry as being a supportive service provider & has earned the honor of being the Official Payment Processor of SFATA!

If a business owner has any questions about merchant services, regardless if they are an existing client, Best Rate offers free consultation and support to any business owner.

Simply contact or call Best Rate Merchant Service at:
(866) 577-1593

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