The purpose of the Forum for Civil Dialogue on Tobacco, Nicotine and Alternative Product Harm Reduction and its series of dialogues is to bring stakeholders together in a safe haven to discuss a spectrum of issues pertaining to tobacco, nicotine, and alternative harm reduction strategies.

The first dialogue was held in March 2011 outside of Charlottesville, Virginia at Morven. The second and third dialogues were also held at Morven, hence the name “Morven Dialogues.” The Forum and its dialogues recognize that some forms of harm reduction will be part of a viable strategy for reducing disease and death caused by tobacco use. Its focus is therefore less on whether harm reduction should be considered a viable strategy and more on how – and with what protections – it may be effectively implemented, not only in the United States and Europe but globally as well.

In late October 2014, a diverse group of 41 stakeholders met at the National 4-H Youth Conference Center in Bethesda, Maryland, for a fourth dialogue of the Forum for Civil Dialogue. This dialogue focused on “Building on the Core Principles: Next Steps for the Implementation of a Rational Approach to the Regulation of all Tobacco, Nicotine, and Alternative Products.” The discussion affirmed the value and content of the Core Principles, and also surfaced the need for a few important refinements that reflect the continuing evolution of tobacco, nicotine, and alternative products. These updated and revised Core Principles include the refinements contributed by the fourth dialogue.

Learn more about the Morven Dialogues here and download the core principles here.